Services and Fees


We provide medical care as family physicians to Ontario patients with OHIP coverage. We are also able to provide care to patients with health care insurance from other provinces.

In addition, health care can be provided to out-of-country visitors; but unfortunately, patients will be billed directly in those cases.

Aurora Medical-Dental Professional Building has a range of services for your medical and allied health care needs.

Pharmacy, Dentistry, Orthodontics, Physiotherapy, Cardiology, Travel Medicine, Infectious disease specialists and Laboratory services are available at this one location.

Not all services provided by the clinic are covered by OHIP (like insurance forms and sick notes, for example). Below is a listing of some of the services for which there is a charge directly to the patient.

Updated Feb. 17, 2015


Uninsured services

As family doctors, we are committed to helping you with all of your health care needs. As you know, the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) pays for most of your medical visits here at the office, however, some medical procedures and most administrative services are not insured by OHIP. These services are still provided by this office but require significant time and resources to administer. In the face of rising office expenses and government restrictions, we are no longer able to provide these services to you free of charge. In order to maintain the highest standard of care, payment for these services have become the responsibility of either the patient themselves or the agency requesting the service.

Please note that the following services are uninsured and you will be billed for them upon receipt.

** Individual physicians may choose to set their rates differently but will not exceed the clinic rates listed below.

  • Auto Accident insurance form (when not funded by insurance company) $110

  • Adoption Forms $50

  • Back-to-Work Notes $15

  • Certificate of Medical Status $20

  • Citizenship and Immigrant Report $115

  • Consultation on your behalf with allied health professional $50+

  • Cosmetic Minor Surgical Procedures $20+

  • Day Care Notes $15

  • Death Certificate for Life Insurance $50

  • Disability CPP Medical Report Form $65

  • Disability Federal Tax Credit $40

  • Disability Parking Permit Form $ 20

  • Disability/Maternity EIC Cert. INS2019 $25

  • Disability Report/Insurance Forms – OMA rates

  • Driver’s Medical Examination Form – $85

  • Drivers Physical 50% of $135

  • Faxing and Photocopying $1+

  • Fitness Club Forms $25

  • Foster parent CAS Application Form $50

  • Immunization Records Replacement $30

  • Immunization Summary $20

  • Immunizations not covered by OHIP $150+

  • Jury Duty Note $20

  • Lost Referrals or Prescriptions $20

  • Medical Dressings (not including cost of dressings) $20+

  • Missed Medical Appointments $30 – $135

  • Missed Counseling Appointments $250 – $275

  • Notes for insurance coverage of Massage Therapy, Physiotherapy, Acupuncture $15

  • Notes for Compression Stockings/Orthotics $15

  • Letters on behalf of patient $25 – $200

  • Pre-employment Certificate of Fitness $25

  • Prescription Renewals by Fax or Phone (emergency short-term refills at Doctor’s discretion only) $20

  • Private Insurance Forms $50 – $300

  • Referral Note for Chiropractor, Physiotherapy $15

  • School/Camp Forms $25

  • Sick Notes $15

  • TB Skin Test $45 to $65

  • Telephone Advice-Emergency $20 – $100

  • Third-party Physical Examination 50% of $125

  • Transfer of Medical Records – OMA Rates

  • Travel Cancellation Forms $25

  • Treatment of Benign Skin Lesions/Warts $25 – $75
    ** (OHIP will pay for treatment of warts on feet and genitals)

  • Volunteer Forms $25

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