Vaccine exemption requests

Dear patients,

It is truly unfortunate that the vaccines have become politicized at this time.

All the doctors, staff and our extended family and children have been fully immunized at this time. We encourage our patients to get the vaccine as the previous hope of achieving herd immunity does not appear to be possible moving forward with the delta variant. (1)

On ther other hand, we respect your rights to choose whether you receive the vaccine.

In that regards, we appreciate that there will be requests for vaccine exemptions. Unfortunately, the doctors at our office are not issuing vaccine exemption letters as there are very few bona fide medical reasons supporting a vaccine exemption. (2)

We ask for all Ontarians to remain calm, respectful and to remain kind to each other (and onself). We were all friends and countrymen before Covid-19; and we will remain the same when this is over.

We apologize for any disappointment or inconvenience and hope that this pandemic will end soon.