Instructions for In-Office Visits.

IF your doctor and you decide that an in-office visit is necessary; please make note of our current recommendations


  1. Older children and adults should Wear a mask or face covering if you have one and can tolerate it (a bandana, scarf, or cloth mask is adequate).
  2. Patients over the age of 16 should come into the office alone.  For minors; only 1 parent should accompany them.  We can certainly accommodate additional family members by telephone if they wish to be part of the visit.
  3. Let us know if you have developed a new FEVER or Cold symptoms. Your doctor will initiate a telephone visit first to determine safe visit protocols.


  1. Upon arrival; text (905-955-9211)  or call our office  (905-726-8332) to inform us that you have arrived.  You may also knock on the door if you do not have a cell phone.  We are trying to only bring in one family at a time where possible.
  2. When ready, you will be brought directly into an exam room and we will focus on the necessary components of the in-office visit (ie: shots or physical exam).  Your doctor may arrange  or ask you to book a follow-up virtual visit for further discussions or questions.  Since we are wearing masks + faceshields; it can be hard to hold a conversation as our voices are muffled.
  3. Do NOT be alarmed if you see us wearing elastomeric respirators (they look like gas masks).  If we run out of traditional masks or if there is an increase in the disease incidence; we may be forced to resort to this.  Unfortunately, conversations cannot be held when these types of respirators are being used as the wearer’s voice is completely muffled.  Typed or whiteboard communications may be required if we are using elastomeric respirators.


  1. For your safety, the staff and physicians will wear masks during your visit.   The masks’ main purpose is to reduce the risk of transmission to others (ie: for your safety).
  2. Please maintain physical distancing with the front staff (ie: take a step back from the plexiglass shields and  do not cross into their personal workspace).  Maintaining a 6 ft distance has a similar effect to wearing a mask and would be protective for both staff and patients.
  3. Wherever possible; questions should be handled over telephone / text messaging.

These are unprecedented times and we are all trying to work through them together.

We wish you and your family safety in these times.