Coronovirus 2020 – COVID19 assessment

Our office is NOT able to run COVID-19 assessments/tests on patients.


IF YOU are concerned that you may have COVID-19, the province has opened up dedicated COVID-19 assessment centers.

The closest assessment center is located at Southlake Hospital and runs from 9am – 9 pm.  Please note that all patients seen there will be assessed by a physician and a COVID-19 test will be run where appropriate.  For more details; follow this link here

Information about COVID-19: updated visitor policy and Southlake COVID-19 Assessment Centre


Primary care offices (ours included) will not be able to test for COVID-19 as public health has asked that all COVID-19 assessments be done at the dedicated centers.

If you have symptoms of acute respiratory infection (like fever, new or worsening cough, new or worsening shortness of breath) and in the past 14 days prior to you becoming sick have any of the following:

Travel to an impacted area of COVID-19, which includes:
Hong Kong
South Korea
Had close contact with a case of COVID-19

Had close contact with someone who is sick and recently traveled to any of the above countries

CALL OUR OFFICE and we will do a phone assessment; do not come in as it would put other patients (and staff) at risk as we do not have personal protective equipment in-office for proper COVID-19 evaluation.