2015 Measles Outbreak

As many patients have been phoning in to inquire; there are current cases of measles in Toronto and the York region.  Although there are always cases in Canada on an annual basis; this year is particularly prominent for cases of measles that were spread from Disney in California at the beginning of the year.

Measles is one of the most infectious disease that we have with an estimated rate of spread to 12-18 (unprotected) individuals for every case.
Adults born before 1970 are generally presumed to have natural immunity because they were exposed.
If you haven’t had 2 doses of the measles vaccine and you were born after 1970; please contact our office to book an appointment to discuss receiving a booster dose.

Vaccines are a victim of their own success and our society has become complacent over the years due to the effect of group (herd) immunity protecting those that haven’t received the vaccine themselves.

The measles vaccine is extraordinarily effective with 1 dose providing 95% chance of protection and 2 doses effectively giving you a 99% chance of protection from the disease.

Measles itself has a 0.5% mortality rate so it is definitely worth protecting you and your loved ones.

Please read this touching article written by the children’s author Roald Dahl about losing his daughter to measles.  I hope that we can protect everyone in our society from this type of tragedy where possible.