Flu shots 2017 arrived

We are excited to announce that flushots for the 2016 season have arrived (finally).  We apologize in the delay but Public health just released the serum to doctor’s offices late last week.

  1. Dr. Leung and Dr. Wong’s patients can drop into the office for the month of November without an appointment for FLU SHOTS ONLY on the following dates.


Wed. Nov 8  – 2:30 pm

Thurs. Nov 9 –  1:30 pm

Fri. Nov 10 – 1:00 pm

Mon. Nov 13 – 1:45 pm

Tues. No 14 – 1:30 pm

Wed. Nov 15 – 2:00 pm

Thurs. Nov 16 – 1:30 pm

More dates will be announced in the future so check back if these times do not fit your needs.


2)  Dr. Hendrick’s patients are being asked to call the ofice to make an appointment to be fit in for the flu shot.