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URGENT News – Waiting room closure. Community spread.


We are committed to the health of our patients during this crisis.  The office remains open during regular office hours but we are making significant modifications to ensure the safety of our patients.



  • ALL patients will be screened  / booked for a virtual visit by phone with their doctor at this time.  Your doctor will work with you over the phone and where safe and necessary; will make arrangements for when and how you may come in to see them.


  • 90% of new cases in Ontario are now from unknown sources.  Since patients and physicians may be contagious with viral shedding 1-2 days before symptom onset; we will be increasing surveillance and distancing measures in the office.
  • Stay home, stay safe is the overarching message.  This is NOT the time to come in for symptoms that can wait.
  • Public health and The Ontario Medical Association have recommended all non-urgent / elective bookings be rescheduled until this COVID-19 state of emergency is lifted or to be done over the telephone.



  • THIS is the important point.  Exponential growth is very easy to dismiss early on when the cases rise slowly; but by the time you see significant cases; it will already be too late.
  • March 24 @ 8pm
    • CONFIRMED CASES: we have 572 cases total in Ontario today means that we will have about 18000 cases in 2 weeks.
    • The estimate is that there are 50-100x more cases in the community population more than what is confirmed positive.  If these estimates hold; it means we may have around 50,000 cases now with 1.8 million cases in 2 weeks
  • These are scary and sobering numbers.

We thank you for your understanding in these anxious and trying times.

Voluntary Self-Isolation – Dr. Leung and Dr. Wong (March 16-30)

Dear patients,

We need to announce that Dr. Kevin Leung and Dr. Alice Wong will be in voluntary Self-isolation for the period of March 16-March 30, 2020 as requested by the Government of Canada.

When they departed for Orlando, Florida on March 11, 2020; the WHO had not yet declared a pandemic and there were NO travel restrictions to the USA.

In fact, Florida had 24 cases of COVID-19 (5 of which were repatriated cases from a cruise ship) which was far less than the 41 cases that we had in Ontario.

Unfortunately, upon arrival, things changed on a daily basis; in order to respect and support our public health recommendations;  they have made the following accommodations for their trip.


  • March 12 – Social distancing;  we avoided all of the theme parks and minimized exposure to crowds in enclosed buildings wherever possible.
  • March 15 – we booked a return to Canada early as recommended by the Federal Government; we shortened our trip and booked the next available flight home.
  • March 16 – Voluntary self-isolation (14 days) and self-monitoring.  Although asymptomatic; we will honor the request of the federal government to avoid direct contact with patients and self-isolate for the requested duration.


This does not mean that we will be unavailable.    Both physicians will be holding regular virtual office hours where we will book appointments and make telephone/televideo assessments and management where prudent.

These will be pre-booked appointments including same-day availability starting from March 18, 2020.


Unfortunately, there will NOT be the possibility of physical examination during this period of time.  Indeed, we are still awaiting details of how we should be running the office and what precautions should be undertaken at this time.


We thank you all for your patience and understanding in this very unusual time in history.


Dr. Kevin Leung & Dr. Alice Wong


MARCH 21, 2020 update

  • Both physicians are doing well and show no symptoms; but we continue to adhere to public health guidelines to self-quarantine for 14 days upon return from travel.

Telemedicine – effective March 16, 2020



The details from  public health (both at the local level of York region as well as the federal / provincial level) have been changing on a daily basis.  It’s been a whirlwind and I’m afraid that we haven’t seen the final policies/decisions.


At this time, we are honoring the request of public health to enforce social distancing.  In addition, the Ontario Medical Association has asked that all elective testing/procedures be cancelled at this time.

The staff at Hollandview Medical remain dedicated to your health. We are running the office on a regular schedule at this time.

However, ALL appointments will be converted a virtual / telemedicine format at this time.

Please call in to book an appointment with contact details as per usual.  Your doctor will call you for a telephone assessment and interview at the booked time.

Prescription renewals, diagnostic testing and report review are some of the issues that we envision can be done remotely.

Where appropriate; your doctor will decide how/when to bring you in for an assessment.  ALL non-urgent items (including physicals) should be postponed until further direction and clarification is provided by public health.

This may be of particular interest for our patients with health co-morbidities that would put them at risk of serious complications from COVID-19.  The doctor’s office IS a high-touch point site with the risks that encompasses.

WE WILL NOT TAKE ANY WALK-IN APPOINTMENTS.   The front door will be locked and we will request all patients make an appointment for a telephone assessment.  In particular; upper-respiratory infections (colds / flu / COVID-19) need to be assessed by your doctor over the phone first so that we can decide where and what type of exam may be required and is most relevant.

Keep yourself updated

Coronovirus 2020 – COVID19 assessment

Our office is NOT able to run COVID-19 assessments/tests on patients.


IF YOU are concerned that you may have COVID-19, the province has opened up dedicated COVID-19 assessment centers.

The closest assessment center is located at Southlake Hospital and runs from 9am – 9 pm.  Please note that all patients seen there will be assessed by a physician and a COVID-19 test will be run where appropriate.  For more details; follow this link here

Information about COVID-19: updated visitor policy and Southlake COVID-19 Assessment Centre


Primary care offices (ours included) will not be able to test for COVID-19 as public health has asked that all COVID-19 assessments be done at the dedicated centers.

If you have symptoms of acute respiratory infection (like fever, new or worsening cough, new or worsening shortness of breath) and in the past 14 days prior to you becoming sick have any of the following:

Travel to an impacted area of COVID-19, which includes:
Hong Kong
South Korea
Had close contact with a case of COVID-19

Had close contact with someone who is sick and recently traveled to any of the above countries

CALL OUR OFFICE and we will do a phone assessment; do not come in as it would put other patients (and staff) at risk as we do not have personal protective equipment in-office for proper COVID-19 evaluation.


Electronic Booking and Text messaging

eBOOKING will be offline for the duration for the COVID-19 precautions as a telephone screening for symptoms is required for all appointment bookings.


We are also pleased to announce that we are testing a new electronic booking system.

When using this system

  1. You can only have 1 booked appointment at a time.
  2. You can only book with your own doctor
  3. Urgent/same-week appointments are currently unavailable via eBooking.
  4. For Well Baby visits/Childhood immunizations and Annual Physicals; please call the office to book.
      • This allows us to ensure that appropriate vaccines are ordered and available as well as the date of immunizations comply with Public Health and Ministry of Health requirements


We expect that there will be problems/downtime during this test phase; but encourage you to take charge of booking your non-urgent appointments with your doctor.


eBooking Server is OFFLINE
However, for booking NON-URGENT appointments or communication
you can text us from your cell phone at (905) 955-9211.
We will try to return text messages within the same day during office hours.



Text MessagingIf you have a cell phone with a text messaging plan; you can text our staff with non-urgent requests for appointments/questions.

This is more efficient for than leaving a voice message and we will try to return text messages within the same day during office hours.

The office text ONLY number is (905) 955-9211
(voice calls are not received on this number)


Tips about our office for new patients.

Since there are patients new to the office; we thought a few pointers would be handy to make your visit to the office more pleasant.

The public washroom is just past the elevators on the right.    Also, if you need to use the bathroom while you are waiting, please feel free to do so and simply let us know when you come back.  We keep your appointment in priority sequence.

Lifelabs is also past the elevators, but to the left; their hours are generally Mon-Fri.;   7 am – 3 pm.  NO appointment is necessary.

When arriving at your appointment; if the secretaries are busy,  please feel free to leave your health card on the counter and take a seat.   We will check you in and ensure that your appointment .

Old records.     If you wish to get your old records; please complete the transfer of records request form and contact your previous family doctor to see if there is a charge.

You may wish to discuss with Dr. Hendrick whether she needs your old records at the time of your appointment.

Preventative Care Guidelines

Preventative Care Reminder List.

It has been an honor to be your physician to date. At this time; we have implemented a trial program to ensure that our patients receive the optimal screening tests as recommended by current guidelines.

At this time, it is highly recommended that you get the following tests done.


Influenza vaccination – over age 65, we HIGHLY recommend the flu shot for patients aged 65+ as it is one of the best measures that we have to keep our seniors healthy. Getting the flu as our immune system ages puts you at greater risk for hospitalization, pneumonia and serious consequences. About 90% of deaths from the seasonal flu occur in adults over the age of 65.

Colorectal cancer screening – between age 50-744, we recommend that unless you have had a recent colonoscopy; a fecal occult blood test be done to make sure that there is no microscopic blood in the stool. Blood in the stool may be a sign of benign problems (ie: hemorrhoids) or more serious disease

For Women only

Mammogram – between age 50-74; we recommend that women get mammograms at least every 24 month to screen for breast cancer.

Pap Smear – between age 35-69; we recommend that women with low risk get a pap test every 30 months to screen for cervical cancer. Those with recent pap abnormalities should inquire as to the frequency that they should be getting their next pap test.

We value your health and with these measures; we hope to ensure that we can screen or prevent some of the more common diseases that we encounter over time. If you haven’t had these procedures done in a while; please discuss them with us at your next appointment or call in.